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We’re here to capture your life’s moments on all sides and turn them into memorable photos you can have forever.

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Melanie Reimer

Owner | Photographer

No matter how hard I try I can’t write a lick worth reading in my office. Anything interesting and worth reading needs to be well thought out, created in a place that relaxes and inspires… For me that space is not my office, not my comfy computer chair, it’s my living room with my hymns playing and a cold cup of coffee beside me. Why cold? 4 kids… that’s why, I forget what anything hot tastes like, on the plus side I haven’t burnt my mouth on something in years!

I have 4 kids, ages 6 to 2 months. We just had our little peanut in November, she shares a birthday with her biggest sister! We’ve got 3 girls and a boy. 4 kids have been a chaotic blessing from God. We’ve also been blessed with the ability to travel with our kids often, my husband is self-employed and because of this, we get to go on amazing trips. In 2017 we rented an RV and drove across the United States and then back home across Canada over a month-long trip, the year after that we went to Costa Rica and rented a house with family. It’s been pretty incredible seeing this world through the eyes of our kids. Last year we got to host a missionary from Costa Rica in our home. We’d love to go and work with them in San Jose one day, but with our kids being so little it just doesn’t seem like the right time yet.

I went to school to be a nurses aide and worked at Seven Oaks ER for a few years, I really loved this and my husband and I had the medical field in common (at the time), he was a paramedic for the city. Since then we’ve both left our jobs and have become parents and entrepreneurs. He is the most inspiring business owner I know, working hard to provide for his family but still being home and also very involved in our church. We live in Winnipeg, where I have an in home studio set up for my newborn clients. 

A couple of years ago I received the opportunity to combine my love for the medical world with my photography, and now currently volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep where the volunteers offer remembrance photography for families whose babies have passed. I hope to keep using my God-given talents to be a light and a blessing to families, so if you know someone whose hugely deserving and going through some really difficult times please reach out to me and I’d love to connect with them! I do quite a few a month and have had to limit them in the past so just send me a message and ask!

Thank you for stopping by my little space. I’d love to meet your family.


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We know you’ve got questions, so hopefully we can answer most of them here!

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We upload all our images that you receive onto an online gallery, it’s private and password protected. The gallery program is called Sprout Studio. You can download all your images from this site, send the link to friends or family and they can download as well. Your photos will be on this ‘storage cloud’ for 6 months, we highly recommend that you download them and back them up in multiple places.
Yes we do! We do minor retouching and color correction to all the images. 
You get 20-30 images for family, newborn, cake smash sessions. I decide which images look the best at my own discretion, which images are the most flattering, whose eyes are open/shut.
Unless we state otherwise all regular sessions (not wedding or event) take 2-3 weeks. When sessions are booked during wedding season it may take longer but we will discuss that with you first!
As soon as you can! We are very busy and are booking well in advance for most sessions. Weddings we usually book most a year in advance, because of this our weekends are often full, especially during the summer. The most popular time for family session tends to be in the fall (not that that’s the only time), so we fill up our limited family session dates very quickly.
That’s entirely up to you? Rain won’t stop us! But… if you’d prefer no rain we can absolutely reschedule. We will chat back and forth on the day of if the weather is unsure also, or we can reschedule in advance if we see that the forecast is calling for rain.


This is a great question, once you’ve decided to choose us we book a tentative date typically your due date. This way we can be sure to have you scheduled for that month. Once you have your little one you’re encouraged to call, text or email us as soon possible so we can get him/her and your family into the studio in the 6-10 day window if possible.
Earlier than 6 days typically mom’s milk (if nursing) hasn’t fully established, any later than 2 weeks babies go through a growth spurt and often cluster feed and are easily roused. They’re also still very squishy and curly from being in the womb in this time frame as well as very sleepy!
We love this one, we’ve decided that because there are so many props, lights, blankets, headbands, and backdrops it’s much easier for us and for you if we do it in our studio. Why’s it easier for you? No stress cleaning up your home, or making sure there is enough room and light for us! With that being said my most favorite sessions are in home lifestyle newborn sessions. Baby snuggling in moms arms on your bed, the baby wrapped up in the crib, mom and dad and siblings playing. It’s a great way to tell your unique family story.
Once you’ve decided to book your newborn session with us we’ll send you a prep email, it’ll be a bit of a rundown on what will happen, how long it usually takes and what you can do ahead of time (like give baby a bath or other tips) to help prepare!


Book your maternity session as soon as you can! That way you’ve for sure got a date. We try to do maternity sessions during the 30-36 window, this is just before you’re uncomfortable but still have a good bump!


Honestly, who doesn’t? But with my approach and the prep emails, I send you to help prepare you for your session you should be leaving your session having had fun and not dreading next years!
I LOVE helping my clients figure out what to wear, when you book with me you will receive all the tips, tricks and my feedback on what works for outfits.  Many a mom has sent me photos of themselves trying things on at the store!
A mom of 3 (almost 4) kids of my own ages 5, 4 and 1 1/2, myself, I know that their ‘window of opportunity’ isn’t always big, having kids of my own I’ve found helps me work well with other families kiddos. We play games, snuggle, tickle and play with mom and dad and when that 1 second of opportunity arises then we jump on the chance to do a quick everyone smile look at me picture. I can be fast and accommodate these littles!