Trappist Monastery St Norbert

Can we just talk about how this magical spring location happened for a second? Dana and Luke got engaged and met up with Alicia (my associate) and I to book their wedding, Dana is originally from the States, but she’s just about completely converted to a Winnipeger now ;). Luke used to work for a landscaping company in Winnipeg so he’s obsessed with trees… which happens to work out really well cus SO AM I! Especially when it comes to gorgeous trees in my pretty pictures! They had one request for their spring engagement session… nice trees. So I actually emailed the one girl who I knew would be able to point me in the best direction, Lauren Wiebe from Stone House Creative. She didn’t hold out either, Lauren told me exactly where I could find a really pretty apple tree! And it was so close to the Monastery, so I went and scoped it out. Turns out the actual ruins had some amazing blooms that I hadn’t even known about! I never would have checked out this spot if she hadn’t sent me in that direction!

Apple Blossom Heaven!

So I took a couple cell phone pictures and sent them to Dana and Luke and they were sold!! We met up for their session and I can’t even begin to say how sweet they are. They were so easy to just take sweet real photos of because they were genuine, and pretty relaxed, which I have to say is hard I can imagine when you’ve never had pictures done before. Here’s a few of our favorites from their session, also just take a good long look at that beaut of a ring!!! Good pick Luke!! Looking forward to your wedding at the Club Regent Casino!

















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