This sweet pea just turned 1 last week, and I’d go ahead and talk about how cute she was and how fun she was to photograph but this wasn’t just any ordinary session for me, this is my own…. my baby. As a mom it’s pretty bitter sweet, gone is a year of firsts, of a precious, fresh, helpless baby… and the beginning of the next stage. I never was the sentimental type, but when it comes to my own kids I really can’t help it. As a photographer…. I’m beyond thankful that I’ve been blessed with the ability to bog down my hard drive like nobodies business of photos of my 2 kids.

It’s hard to look back sometimes and see them when they were babies, I remember people telling me ‘just enjoy it, it goes so fast’ and thinking whatever lady… just another old biddy with a comment on mothering for me. Not so the case, there’s nothing but truth to it. Not that I’d ever wish to keep them babies forever, but if they could stay like this for just a bit longer, I wouldn’t object to any baby snuggles. I know this next stage is a whole lot of go, go go. But hey…. I’ll be here, ready for it, there’s always room for 1 more picture.

I would love to thank Melissa Prins from Mel’s Cake Boutique for the cake for Elise’s cake smash. She did an amazing job and exceeded my expectations. All cakes for our cake smashes will now be made through her in our packages, so I’d love if you could head over to her facebook page and give her new business some love!!


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