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We’re a crew of three lovely ladies who are passionate about photography! We’re here to capture your life’s moments on all sides and turn them into memorable photos you can have forever.

Melanie Reimer

Owner | Photographer

Hey! That’s me, Melanie!

I went to Zambia in 2008 for some volunteer work before I got married to my hunk of a man. Since then we’ve been blessed with 2 of the cutest girls there are and one little man born just Dec 2016. My love for art and seeing things differently had led me to where I am now, I’m a lover of all things historical and romantic. My perfect date is abandoned building hunting (to photograph) followed by supper at some hole in the wall small town diner: I love a good greasy spoon diner.

My favorites: peonies, purple, Food… mmm all things peanut butter and chocolate, wine and Starbucks! I love to spend my non wedding weekends at our cottage with my girls at the lake. If I could pull off red lipstick and high heels I’d be all over it, ooh the 1930’s…. and The Notebook, or just anything Ryan Gosling, fortunately I found my own sweet romantic Noah… beard and all! I’m also a volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, this is an organization that provides remembrance photography for grieving families. Go check them out here to read up more about this great organization!

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Alicia Thwaites


Hi friends! I’m Alicia, wife to a handsome pool guy and proud mama to 2 hyperactive crazy boys who drive me nuts and are my whole world! Documenting families is my passion, as family is what makes the world full! I would not be who or where I am without my own, and that’s where I began my photography journey. My dad was a photography hobbyist and got me my first film camera when I was 5. My love for it has grown to the point that my family and friends have come to expect me to always be within arms reach of a camera.

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Mallorey Bergen


Summer is my all time favourite season! Our family are big outdoors people. Camping, biking, fishing and quading are just a few of the things we do ALOT! I also love thunder storms! Something about them helps me to relax.

I have an amazing husband and together we have the sweetest kids, Jase and Kinsley, who keep us on our toes every day! They are crazy, busy and wild, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Visiting with friends is something I love to do. I can sit and have coffee with a friend and just talk for hours on end, about random things.

I LOVE wine! I’m a big fan of trying different wines and I really enjoy making my own. I always use fruit from our own garden or locally sourced fruit such as saskatoon or strawberry patches, for example.

Watching movies, reading on my Kobo, canning/pickling our own home grown veggies and cooking are just a few of my favourite hobbies. 

I love to travel! I can’t wait to see more of this world. Tasting new foods, trying new adventures, and meeting new people, are just some of the highlights I love!

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We’ve got answers

We know you’ve got questions, so hopefully we can answer most of them here!

If your questions still aren’t answered, contact us!

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We upload all our images that you receive onto an online gallery, it’s private and password protected. The gallery program is called PASS, you can download an app on your mobile too if you’d like to view them on your phone. You can download all your images from this site, send the link to friends or family and they can download as well. Your photos will be on this ‘storage cloud’ for 10 years, but we highly recommend that you download them and back them up in multiple places.
Yes we do! We do minor retouching and color correction to all the images. If you have something more specific you’re referring to or unsure of please just send us a message and ask and we’ll be happy to help you as best we can.
You get 15-20 images, they are all hand picked by your photographer. We decide which images look the best at our own discretion.
Unless we state otherwise all regular sessions (not wedding or event) take 2-3 weeks. When sessions are booked during wedding season it may take longer but we will discuss that with you first!
As soon as you can! We are very busy and are booking well in advance for most sessions. Weddings we usually book most a year in advance, because of this our weekends are often full especially during the summer. The most popular time for family session tends to be in the fall (not that that’s the only time), so we fill up our limited family session dates very quickly.
That’s entirely up to you? Rain won’t stop us! But… if you’d prefer no rain we can absolutely reschedule. We will chat back and forth on the day of if the weather is unsure also, or we can reschedule in advance if we see that the forecast is calling for rain.
At this time no, but we sell gorgeous canvases and would love to work with you to make a custom collage for your home.


This is a great question, once you’ve decided to choose us we book a tentative date typically your due date. This way we can be sure to have you scheduled for that month. Once you have your little one you’re encouraged to call, text or email us as soon possible so we can get him/her and your family into the studio in the 6-10 day window if possible.
Earlier than 6 days typically mom’s milk (if nursing) hasn’t fully established, any later than 2 weeks babies go through a growth spurt and often cluster feed and are easily roused. They’re also still very squishy and curly from being in the womb in this time frame as well as very sleepy!
We love this one, we’ve decided that because there are so many props, lights, blankets, headbands, and backdrops it’s much easier for us and for you if we do it in our studio. Why’s it easier for you? No stress cleaning up you home, or making sure there’s enough room and light for us!
Once you’ve decided to book your newborn session with us we’ll send you a prep email, it’ll be a bit of a run down on what will happen, how long it usually takes and what you can do ahead of time (like give baby a bath or other tips) to help prepare!


Book your maternity session as soon as you can! That way you’ve for sure got a date. We try to do maternity sessions during the 32-36 window, this is just before you’re uncomfortable but still have a good bump!


Engagement sessions are complimentary for booking so it’s a bonus. These sessions are so so important and not to mention fun. They’re a prep before the big day, we learn to work with each other, we get a feel if you need more direction for posing or less. When’s the last time you had professional photos with your man? It can be intimidating, so when we do an engagement session you can relax a bit and we know you’ll walk away from that session confident and more excited for photos at your wedding!
There will be 2! It is so important for us to have 2 people at your wedding, we always have someone ready and on different angles.
First we’ll receive an inquiry message from you, from there we’ll arrange to meet and we’ll buy you coffee. We get to know each other and you can see some more of our work and get a feel if we’re the right fit for you guys. If we are, you’ll get an online contract and shortly after a welcome package!

We book your engagement session and have a blast! We love engagement sessions, we have so much fun and get a real sense of who you are!

A couple weeks before your wedding you’ll get a very detailed questionnaire going over timeline and other details. We’ll go over this on the phone or a meeting, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Next step…. wedding day!