Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

This little guy was a peanut, we fit him perfectly in dad’s hands. Samuel came in with his mom and dad, crushing on this little man the whole time, but for first time parents they’re so laid back! You guys are doing awesome! I’m kinda counting on you dressing him up for Halloween and waiting to see what you got planned on my Facebook feed, no pressure ;). Best of luck planning your wedding next year guys! Samuel will be a rockin ring bearer!

Knitted hat by Joan’s Unique Boutique

Fluff layer from Khristine’s Kreations

Pants from Indigo & Lace

samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-1 samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-2 samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-3 samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-4 samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-5 samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-6 samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-7 samuel-h-baby-winnipeg-newborn-photographer-in-studio-8

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