Birds Hill Park

I met with Yewande and Bolawa at Birds Hill Park close to Winnipeg for their maternity session, we were blessed with the most beautiful sunset and golden light. Being close and affectionate came pretty easy for these two, usually it’s awkward or uncomfortable to show any sort of affection when you’ve got a stranger there taking pictures none the less. Our struggles are always to keep people relaxed and look candid in photos, it’s always fun when it comes a little bit easier!


We had a lot of fun doing photos, laughing and talking about work and God during this session. I always recommend to my couples that hey if you’re getting all dressed up to do photos you might as well make a date out of it, and usually when we’re in Birds Hill, Pine Ridge Hollow is top of my list of suggestions. Their beet chips and desserts are the best, hands down. So we wrapped it up and off they went for date night! All the best waiting for that little bean! Here’s a few of my favorites from their maternity session!