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A true honor is the ability to photograph not only a friend but also a fellow photographers family. I’m fully aware of how many photographers there are available to hire in the city, all no doubt incredibly talented. It’s pretty special to have the opportunity to work for another photographer in Winnipeg here.

Their home is super close to Frasers Grove Park so we walked there together. Casey and I, knowing full well where the sun was in the sky and how it was optimal timing for those golden photos started booking it down the road leaving Glen and B in our dust haha, just gabbing ‘shop’ the whole way. When we got to Frasers Grove I told B to go for a little run (mostly to burn some energy) and then called him back to me so I could get a couple of him running my way…. slip, he slid right into the mud and had 2 massive skids on his knees. Shoot! Of course, this would happen 1o minutes in right?

Casey busted out the wet wipes and we went to town quick washing little man’s pants. We got most of it out thankfully! We went back to chasing him around and ended with some games (to keep him up to it for the last couple of photos) and bubbles. Also, so thankful for the window of no rain in such a rainy fall and an incredibly warm day! Here’s some favorites.

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