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I’ve been so excited to blog this session, it’s so far one of my favorite couples sessions to date! I met up with Jason and Madison for a session at Birds Hill Park, we were going for a cozy, woodsy feel for their photos. These two are so great, seriously they are the perfect amount of goofy but sweet and romantic. Jason is mutual friends with my hubby and Madison is actually in the wedding industry too, so I know we’ll have so much to talk about! I’m so excited to have met them and I know we’ll be fast friends now! Looking forward to that double date Madison!

For this session we really didn’t think that we would catch a sunset, it was pretty overcast… fortunately, right as we were walking to the cars… literally we stopped! I could just see out in the trees that there was a little hint of gorgeous orange sun going down. Madison turned to me and said wanna go find it? Umm yes, as if I didn’t already love these two before! We spent the next 20 minutes chasing that last little bit of light, from the side of the road in Birds Hill to running (no jokes, more like sprinting) up the Floodway just outside of Birds Hill.

Thank you so much to Desiree Nobel, our new girl on the team for coming out for this session!

Guys, I’m looking forward to more light chasing, amazing photos and some double dates… with white wine not red Madison, I’m with you on that one ;).

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